Hi!  My name is Becky.  I’m a 55 year old want-to-be farmer.

I call 5 acres of beautiful middle Tennessee home.  my family consists of my wonderful husband (who puts up with my obsession with goats!), 4 grown children who live here there and everywhere, Abigail the dachshund

Sir Thomas the cat with .

and his ladies in waiting, Sylvia and Ms. Priss

I hope to one day add goats (hence the obsession) and chickens to our menagerie!

I believe in healthy living from the inside out.  I believe positive thoughts are where it all starts.  I have studied nutrition and exercise my entire life and have always looked at things with a positive eye.  Part of that was because I was stubborn and was determined nothing was going to keep me down and part was because I know that all things are possible with God!  Through this blog I hope to share what’s worked for me….and what hasn’t!  In no way am I perfect or want to imply I know all there is about positive living or about life in general.  I am a work in progress and the road has not always been smooth.  More than once I’ve been sidetracked and have had to find my way back.  I am not a therapist and in no way should any information provided on this site be considered psychological counseling.

My purpose for this site is to assist others with living positive lives, reduce stress, improve self-esteem, be more productive, lose weight, become healthier through eating more often (yes, more often!) and moving more (not just exercise!).  May our journey be one that leads to peace and joy!  Positively!